Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Speech

My Reflection
We have been learning to write a speech I found writing my speech hard because I didn't know what to write about.  I found writing my speech easy to write my speech because I knew what to do if I was drowning.  My next step is to memorise my speech so I can focus on my eye contact.

Kaitiaki Art

My Reflction 
My maori god is named TU.  I used cool text to write some adjectives to about my god.  I enjoyed  making this peice of art because it was fun to make and we had to memorise the disghnes that were added on to this art.  I found making this piece of art difficult because I drew my desighns last.  My Next step is to to do my desighns before I add the other stuff.

Making Conections

                                                                           My Reflection
I found this piece of work hard because the book that I was using didn't have much connections with the book
I found this piece of work easy  because the book had some connections in the first chapter.
My next step is to look more in the book for more connections.

Hauora work sheet

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

Last week on Thursday there was a rotation about Matariki the whole school got into our house groups.

First we got into our groups.  Before the rotation started the teachers told us the groups that we were in. When we went out side we had to find the group number that we were in.

The second thing we did was going to our class the first class that we went to was room 24. When we were in room 24 we did our drawings on our paper hands some of us didn't finish our hands.  

The second class that we went to was room 14.  When we were in room 14 we did a quiz about Matariki after we finished the quiz Mrs Dane gave us stars that we could colour in.  

Then we went to room 29 to do the poi Mrs Melville have us one small poi each when we finished learning the song some of us were using the long poi when we finished using the long poi we performed in front of miss Johnson. 

After the three bells rang we went back to class before we went to lunch we told the class what we were doing for the rotations. Then we went to lunch.

Overall I thought that the matariki rotation was fun I'm looking forward to boing this again next year.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Term 2 Week 9

Last week me and some other people were finishing making our clay.  The first thing that we had to do was to cut our cardboard template.  When I finished cutting out my template I rolled the clay.  After we rolled the clay we were using a stick then we were using water to smooth the edges.