Friday, 1 July 2016


25 Heathridge Place
29th  June 2016

Dear Yoona

My name is Aaron and i am a student at Elm Park primary school.  At the moment  I am reading a book called DEEP WATER BLACK BY KEN CATRAN.  It tells us about your life with Prex Reb and Robbie.

While I was reading your book I picked up some similarities between me and you just like we both have 2 boys with us that are very annoying except the 2 boys are my younger brothers.

I’ve got some questions to ask you. Have you ever had to crash land your submarine spaceship in really wet sand?  Another thing, Do prex reb and Robbie sometimes flies the spaceship?  

It has been a lot of fun reading your book and all the adventures you have gone through.  I hope that you  can finish your adventures with prex reb and Robbie.