Thursday, 15 October 2015

Term 4 week 1 Blog Recount

"AARON WAKE UP ! " Get your gear on you don't want to park at the back do you no I don't want to walk up to the mountain why because I don't want to carry my helmet and snowboard that far.

I hopped in the car and drove up to the mountain.   As soon as we got out of the car the wind started piking up and it felt like it was going to blow me away and I am not joking and I even slipped. OUCH! the ice was as solid as massive rock.  I got all my gear in but my helmet  because I was holding every thing on my shoulders.

It took us forever because we parked at   the very back of the first car park and we could not take the bus because everyone was to lazy and by the time we got ready the bus had already left so we had to walk and walk and walk by the time we got there my legs were saw and my legs felt fully asleep.  I had trouble pushing me and my snowboarding then we sat on the chair lift and went snowboard.

It reached night we were in countdown buying desert  for after dinner by the time we took the ice-cream back to the house the dinner was ready so we walked back to the fish and chips shop and got our dinner and brought it back and ate dinner watched a movie and ate ice-cream.

It's Sunday now last day of snowboarding oh no I didn't snowboard much yesterday so I have to make the most of it today.  I got ready and hopped in the car drove up got ready walked up to the mountain got on the snow buckled the front binding and pushed my self to the chair lift got up to the to snowboarded down to the giant chair hopped on and took it up to the top at the top of the giant chair there were some awesome jumps and rails the rails were quite long so I could slide of at half way of the rail I did a switch 360 on the rail.

Finally it reached the end of the day  me and dad snowboarded down to the  car when we got down to were the car the snow had turned into water and powdery snow so it we really wet and hard to walk threw so then we took all our snow gear of and put on our normal clothes  and shoes got  in the car drove down to the house dad got the vacuum all the mess we made and our cards while I was crossing the road to go to the park while he was tidying up when he had finished that we hopped in the car had lunch and drove home.  That was the best snowboard session in a while.

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