Friday, 30 October 2015

Term 4 Week 3 Blog Recount

On Friday last week the year 4 5's and 6's did athletics.   We went into our age group's starting from 8 to 11.   I went into the 10 year old's. 

The first activity we did was high jump.
There  was a right side and a left side.  We jumped on what ever side you feel comfortable jumping on. Lift your front foot first then lift your back foot and you will jump over the bar.  On the fifth jump I  knocked over the bar. I got so close

The next thing we did was softball  throw. There were some really good throwers in it  I threw A white then some one else threw a white and that was way further then I couldn't throw so I gave up.

Time for sprints on your march get set go. I made it made it made it.Finals I came in seventh place. I got so close I feel really disappointed in my self  maybe I will get better luck next year.

Long jump bounce I did it. Next jumper I'm thinking in my head please don't make it please don't make it. No he did it at least I get   another   jump come on my foot just touched the brown.

Finally the end of the day  that I am exhausted  from athletics day .
I can't wait until next year for athletics day.

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